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Accutane Effectiveness Near End of Treatment

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I know generally they prescribe you a 6 month plan on Accutane.

And most people are nearly or totally clear in like 4-5 months.

I am in my 5th month of 6 month treatment, and all acne have disappeared. I am planning to stop taking accutane after end of month 5. Its just so that i can minimize any damages to liver or other organs by not takin gthis medication when its not necessary anymore.

But what i would like to know is when all acne is clear and you still take accutane, does it continue to do its job?

From what i understand accutane works by reducing the size and output of sebaceous glands

So does this mean when you are clear and still take accutane going into 6th month, accutane keeps decreasing the glands or the effect of accutane just plateaus ?

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So, what you are trying to say is, I am a teen, and I have received a 6 month regimen for Isotretinoin from my doctor. Me being the patient, and him being the doctor, my meaning counts the most.

I am sorry, but I disagree with you. You are among the lucky ones, clear already - I congratulate you. However, doctors are guided towards having you on at approximately 2 montsh after your remission. Unless your doctor suddenly says "stop taking the medication right now", you shouldn`t be worried.

And pardon my language but what the swell? Liver? If you are concerned about it - you should from now on feed on only milk and bread. Isotretinoin is, relatively speaking, mild to your liver. Thinking about lifters who push steroids, you shouldn`t even think about your liver unless you are a sponge when it comes to alcohol.

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I thought the same thing when I was on my course. (I was clear for almost 3 months before I completed the treatment) I ran the same notion by my derm and she insisted that I finish because your acne is more likely to come back if you don't. If your worried about your liver, just maintain a healthy lifestyle and you should be fine. Accutane doesn't tax the liver all that much, unless your eating cheetos for dinner and topping it off with a six pack 5 times a week or if your genetically more susceptible.

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