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1st post, hello everyone.

:dance: 7 Years acne :dance:

So I have big ambition, when to prestigious universities, and currently got a 6 month placement in a top financial institution.

But fortunately I am blessed by acne.

And it's seriously helping me progress the social ladder. Every single person in the building I work are top models, Golden boys and girls getting sh*t loads of money, having g*ddam interesting jobs, and networking wih the best and brightest.

I want in.

Unfortunately they don't seem to have the same opinion on acne as I.

I'm looked upon in the elevator, looked upon in the cafeteria, not looked at in the eyes when being talked to. (Mirror looks at me weird too, who does he think he is!) Some girl collegues are not talking to me (don't even know my name after 2 months in the same open space), but will gladly talk to the newly arrived intern (who's desk is right in front of me) on his first day and ask to eat with him, chat with him... all that in front of me! But hey it's alright, he's good looking.

Now I'm looking for a second placement/internship/younameit.

I was lucky to be in a clear skin spell during my interview for my actual placement.

However I have since broken out like crazy (so much that my doc told me to go on accutane!)

So basically, starting December I'm getting 4 months of treatment with dry skin, IB, tralala...

But by the time I'm done with the treatment, I'll be out of the company, will have missed almost every deadline for applications to the jobs I want (cos there's no way I can go for interview with ThAt face!) and my life will be ruined :D

(yes, ruined, cos being unemployed for a few months is heavily frowned upon)

You might think: go for it anyway, interview is better than no interview.

BUT: in this industry everyone knows everyone else. If I get interviewed with that face, word will spread that there's this guy who's ugly, and so on... (if it's not already the case)

Even if word doesn't spread out and I'm not unofficially blacklisted, I'll have little chance of being hired.

Why? Because as one other user put it, I won't be treated fairly.

Take 2 applicants, same diploma, same experience, same skills.

One's got acne, one's got clear skin.

Who do you think gets picked?

People keep talking about men/women parity/equality, or black/white, or disabled/healthy.

But Acne/Clear skin equal-opportunity just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Did you know people with acne have a higher rate of unemployment than clear skin people?

Cause or consequence? Whatever, the result is there.

I'm gonna make my own Acne Bank, where only acne people can apply, and promotions are based on the number of pimples your latest breakout gave you.

Who's with me

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You should go to the interview with lots of confidence, I feel the pain of having Acne. I have been blessed with it for 14 years. I started Bactrim DS 7 days ago and like you hoping this nightmare ends...It sounds like you have already accomplished alot Acne and all. Keep moving foward and I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us! Good Luck!!!!! The Acne Bank idea Awsome dude :dance:

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