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acne on right side of my face only

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my acne started two years ago. i would have pimples from time to time but i only put lipstick on it then it will disappear the next day. then one day, one pimple appeared. i thought it was just regular pimple. then another.it lasted for a month. that's when i was alarmed. cz pimples begun to reappearing. and the weird is, its only on one area. i would have pimples on my left face but it never last long. and if i compare my left to my right face, right face looks oily. whole my life my face is clear. idk what happened. this just started two years ago. and it seems that it would never end. i tried going to derma. she would inject. but every month, nodules just keep on reappearing. my derma gave me adapalene cream and cetaphil. at first it helped me but when my right face become almost clear, new ones will appear. ghad im so tired. i know we all are.

im trying Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash and some vitamins (B100, D, zinc, C). zinc helped one nodule to disappear. but it gave me small one, that were big now.argh. i thought it has something to do with milk cz ive been drinking full cream milk. so i stopped drinking milk. but i cant give up butter, i need it for my bread every morning.lol. i also tried, egg as mask.but idk,im not confident i wont try it again. so im now down to Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash twice a day, and vitamins. but my right cheek is so red, even the old ones its red, looks like its swelling. btw, i steamed every night then apply dessertessence facial wash then rinse with cold water, literaly cold cz its straight from the freezer.

my left face is clear. no traces of old ones.oh it has one mark but its not super obvious. i wish i could have it both cleared. please people help. why is it on the right side only? i tried changing my sleeping position but no effect, even used aloe vera for my hair. so not my sleeping position or my hair. idk!!!! please help! :(

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Do you spend a lot of time on the phone? Holding the phone to your face for long periods can cause acne....make sure you wipe it regularly with alcohol wipes to make sure it doesn't harbour germs.

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i dont normally spend alot of time on the phone. and if ever i do, i hold it at the left side. i give special treatment to my right face. i hope my left face won't get jealous lol. btw, i also tried mary kay. i breakout full force. so i gave it to my cousin who uses mary kay products. it works for her.argh! now she's clear. but im glad i helped her though.

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why is it on the right side only?

I don't know. There's a tree in my front yard changing color. It started with just a few leaves here and there, but now the color change is in one big swoop curling around sort of from near top to bottom, from north side to west side. Why is it in that pattern? Why don't all the leaves change color at once, or at least distributed all across the tree rather than in more or less a contiguous clump?

Circulatory systems move both nutrients and immune reactions and they tend to produce clumpy and chaotic (unpredictable, highly sensitive to initial conditions) results. There's nothing wrong with my tree; that's just the way cookie crumbled for its system this year.

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