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Funny Stem Cells

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Well as stem cell development progresses, it looks like they are starting to tackle more complicated problems like regrowing breasts for breast cancer survivors. Can't this potentially solve our scar problems, seems like it would be easier to do that. You decide.

If you have any news or anything to contribute regarding stem cell research and advancements, post it here.

Here is an article.


and another one.


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Guest icaretohelp

i can safely say dr khans results based on my own and the others ive seen have been far better.:)

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I think the results from the first set are really good actually. Plus, it looks like besides the scars fading, the quality of her skin looks younger and better in the after photo. If Khan's results surpass this, props to him. I may have to save up money for a trip to England sometime in the next year.

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Yeah I just posted it to give people an idea, because no one ever seems to. Though I have no idea how well the one's done by Dr. Khan are, if they are noticeably better than these then it might just be worth it for some to get the treatment. But I don't have much to go by regarding him, only claims and some claims that it in fact didn't do anything, so yeah just cautious.

How much longer till stem cells do complete regeneration?

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