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Clear for first time in a long time

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I have been watching these boards for a long time, but have been away for a month now and it occured to me that I should come on here and post what has worked for me.

I have no idea what part of this is working, but here is the history briefly. Acne from 12, never really went away unless on the pill, but side effects were horrible. tried everything over the years, retin A, antibiotics, finacea, proactiv, murad, BP, Klaron, 3 different pills etc etc.

This summer I decided to change my diet, with the help of a great, and very $$$$ nutititionist I started a very healthy no sugar, no processed food, organic diet. (no meat and little dairy). I did this because I was coming off the pill and thought it would help reduce the expected breakout.

Oh boy was I wrong. Worst break out of my life. cysts for first time, acne on cheeks (NEVER had this before) it was awful. Nearly missed a family members funeral as I looked such a mess. just awful.

Well a couple of trips to derm did nothing, gave me Klaron which Ive read great reviews of, but did little for me. I tried the healthy diet for 3 months, until I could take it no more.

Well, I finally just decided to go back to the thing that had kept me about 75% clear in the past, Dans BP. (I stopped it because of cancer concerns). I started eating regular again, introduced dairy, and a little sugar back into diet. starting taking a lot of zinc for a month, but now just take it once a week when I remember.

I made a regigm for myself with meds I had lying around at home. Finacea in the am (so soothing and makes skin look great) BP at night, except 2 nights per week I dont do it, just do Dans AHA cream instead.

Well, yesterday for the first time in forever I nearly went to work with no makeup on. I totally forgot. There is not a mark on my face. Have been clear like this for a month now, so I hope its not to early to say this. I believe this combination of finacea with a little BP and AHA is working for me. I feel that the zinc helped to get me clear initially, and the diet it seems was making things worse all along. Now I am back to eat normally, my skin has never looked better.

I have no idea what part of this is working, if anyone has any ideas I would welcome hearing them. But I just wanted to put this out there, the finacea alone was good, but the finacea, BP and AHA together are amazing!

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I started a very healthy no sugar

Lemme guess, "no sugar" meant tons of high-fructose fruits like apples, pears, etc. Truly, the "healthy diet made my acne worse" case is a common one.

if anyone has any ideas

Azelaic acid was long ago noted to have a synergy with zinc and B6 against DHT, but it hasn't resulted in any miracle cures. Maybe you got lucky and tilted the balance with enough decrease in sebum production, combined with killing enough P. acnes bacteria. And who knows what else changed; maybe you have a larger nocturnal melatonin surge these days due to factors you're unaware of, or your diet has changed to include significantly more ability to stimulate the generation of the right kind of anti-oxidant.

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