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Do acne creams draw plugs/ and clogs to the surface?

I started out with some clogged pores on my nose and chin, which concerned me, so I started to use a pore unclogging scrub and some other acids and stuff to kill them off. Instead, my white/blackheads have increased exponentially. The skin on my entire face is suddenly bumpy and scattered with all sorts of nasty skin-colored, white and black plugs. I am also getting cystic acne here and there, when these new bumps become irritated.

The majority though is non-inflamed sebum filled plugs that cause tiny bumps all over my skin.

So, question:

Do acne creams, or acids draw the stuff to the surface? I'm sure I've been clogged this whole time, but the bumps are new, and extremely irritating. Is this the products working? Am I supposed to gently empty out the bumps, or something? I preferred smooth skin that could be easily hid under some makeup. This is unbearable.

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I'm guessing the products you bought are making things worse instead of better. The plugs you're talking about are formed when skin cells inside the pore stick together. Sticky residues can make plugs more likely to form. Two things you can do to cut down on sticky residues is stop using soap based cleansers if you have hard water (or clean with soft water) (hard water + soap = soap scum) and use oils to "moisturize" your skin like jojoba oil for example (avoid water based moisturizers which dry out and leave a sticky residue behind.)

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