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Losing hope =[ Whiteheads+cysts+nodules

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Hey I think I'm just as sick of acne as everyone else here =( and im looking for ideas

I have tons of white heads, a decent (7-8) amount of zits and 2or3 nodules; my skin has been kind of dried out so i used moisturizer -- only made it worse; decided to do nothing for a while; now im open to most suggestions; please help? Ill post picks up later maybe (if im not too selfconscious =[)

ill add more info later; just throwing this out there right before bed.. hoping to get something =[

ugh, acne is so disapointing.. PS see my other topics for more detail

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Two things have changed my acne significantly. Zinc and jojoba oil. I bought zinc Pills, (50 mg) and have been taken them daily for 7 days now at the same time I bough jojoba Oil. I'm on differin 0.3, duac and bactrim, however the zinc and jojoba speeded the healing incredibly. the red-ness and scarring has subsided significantly.

My regimen is as follows :

morning wash with soap that comes with duac, followed by differin all over face as well as 1 bactrim pill

Lunch - take 1 zinc pill with lunch

evening, apply jojoba oil all over face, followed by duac on actives. (down to 1),1 bactrim pill. I only wash my face once a day in the morning.

Before bed i change my pillow cover ( I just cover it with a different white shirt everyday), I don't know if its superstition but now I'm afraid not to do it.

I'm not saying that this regimen will cure you, what I'm trying to say is to not give up, now I'd say definitely to try the zinc pills and jojoba oil, don't give up and know that there are many people out there with this problem.

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