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A story about my crush I guess...

I just felt like telling some of you guys this stuff...

Okay, so I met this girl that I really, really like back in January. My face was about 90% clear at the time. I talked to her a lot and everything. Back in May my face started breaking out a lot more, I lost a bit of confidence. I did most of my talking to her over AIM. After school ended in June I talked to her on AIM all summer long. My face was breaking out worse and worse over the summer. Once school started again in August, my face was really bad and I had lost all my confidence. So I sort of stopped talking to her altogether, and tried avoiding her from seeing me. She sort of noticed I was avoiding her so I stopped. I still didn't talk to her. Now my face has gotten a bit better. So, I'm thinking of starting to talk to her again. It's just been so long and it'll be weird since I haven't said anything since August.

Anyone ever had any similar problems to this?

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I haven't had that exact problem, but I have avoided people so much so that we have stopped being friends because I can't bear the thought of them looking at my skin all the time.

What I'd do is just play it cool.

Don't be like 'aaaaah I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you in ages, it's just that my skin was gross!'

She'll think you're a little strange.

Say long time no speak, how have you been?

And rekindle the friendship from there. If she's great and you like her as much as you used to, then conversation should be easy and you'll soon be the best of buddies again ;)

Good luck!


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According to me those kinda things happen.. Instead of telling her why u didn't talk .. Just start a conversation and keep it goin if by any chance she asks about why u had started avoiding her.. You can tell that you had some problem so you were pretty tensed about that .. But things have become ok now.. so its no problem.. and go back to how you guys were before :)

Hope that helps

See ya!

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