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Minocycline and Topical gel( epiduo, a bp gel)


im 15 years old and have had acne since i was 12-13.

At the start my pimples were easy to deal with i wasnt too worried about them. But at around 13-14 its started getting worse and worse. I have moderate acne so i always have plenty of pimples and used to get HUGE! ones out of nowhere with multiple white heads on a particular spot. But in the last few months after previously being on doxycycline and erythromycin and differen i went to the derm to see if i could go on accutane. I didnt just hear about accutane and go "yeh ill take that" and did hours of research on it about the side effects and all that stuff, the way it works and i just hit a certain time of what many acne sufferers experience when theyre sick of trying everything they want it to be over and done with. So i went to the derm he had a look at me and i mentioned that i wanted to go on accutane and he said. I understand you want it to go away now but in the future you may strongly regret taking this drug. Also, my acne wasnt that bad for me to go straight on accutane. Anyways, he prescribed me minocycline and epiduo topical gel which has benzoil peroxide in it. And after only a week i wasnt getting any huge pimple that i used to get and it took a while to see results with the topical gel because my skin had to get used to the bp. But honestly try everything before you consider going on accutane because its alot less worth while. and now my skin is alot easier to deal with than it was previously.

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