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Blurred vision ?? any1 help please

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Ive been on accutane for 11 days now, 40 mg and im 18 years old.

I've started to develop blurred vision on my left eye, is this normal?

could it be because my eyes are getting dry ? ( im using eyedropps) or does accutane give u blurred vision? Will this last after the treatment?

Thanks // Marc

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if the eye is dry then it could just be eye dryness. some artificial tears cause blurriness. i would go to my doctor if this happened but i doubt its permanent. i'm not sure if this is true but the accutane might be replacing the vitamin a needed for the eye.

best of luck.

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Acutally yes it can be permanent. Someone just recently posted about being off accutane for awhile and still having blurried vision. Please refer to the Rx info regarding eyes and accutane. Call your doctor and maybe get an eye check up.

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here is a thread on someone recently with constant blurry vision and he claims he doesn't have dry eyes.

the rx info is the information that comes with the prescription and lists all the side effects. Accutane has been known to cause eye problems.

Yes it could be from dry eyes, however there have been reports continous dry eyes even after treatment. Will it happen to you noone can say for sure....

If your blurry vision continues I would stop and get them checked out or see if it is better.


Here's another thread

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o please go 2 ur doctor lower ur dosage!! or just come off roaccutane al 2gether its not worth it, i cant see anything after my course, its only been a few weeks now but i dont see an improvement and my eye dr has not got back2 me!

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