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Accutane works! Enough said! I was scared to get on it just like alot of people but I am so happy that I took it! I havnt had a GREAT summer in years and this is by far the best summer ever! I feel great about my face! I love myself so much more then I did 6 months ago! I AM SO HAPPY! I have soft smooth skin! It is amazing to look in the mirror and not see bumps!!!!!! I hope you take accutane..... There is a few downs to accutane but the ups and end results are so worth it! good luck!!!!

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That's great! Can you post some more details, like how much you were on, for how long, what side effects you got, how bad your acne was beforehand, how long it took it to work, if you remember, etc... I'm hoping I get the same results.

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Awesome, my accutane is finally kicking in now and skin is looking a lot better, but still not where I want it to be. CONGRATS again! I am happy for you! I was like that last summer too from Accutane and I hope to be like that soon as well for the remaining summer here.

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I started getting compliments on my skin 3 months after taking accutane! When I first seen my derm he asked me what I tryed ect. and all he wanted to do was put me on all the stuff my other derms put me on and i demanded Accutane! So he gave in because I mean its my mouth, my body, I can put whatever in it I want right? So I started it and my back started to hurt for the first 2 weeks so i layed off bending over ect. no biggie! I did get bloody noses.... Usually in the morning when I woke up but they didnt happen everyday! I never got one in public. I did lose interest in some foods but I still ate! Just not like I used to! Which wasnt a bad thing lol! My redmarks are VERY VERY light! I can literally put one dot of make up on my cheeck and spread it out and my face looks perfect! but I do have a few light red marks! So light that I even enjoy my skin without make up! My dosage was 2 pills per day at 40 mg so that was a total of 80! When I first started accutane my derm had me gradually work my way up to taking 2 pills per day so I wouldnt make my body go into shock all at once! Kinda like take pills on the odd days and then add a day everyweek until you are taking a pill everyday make sense? My face is SOOOO smooth! And even smoother since I did the TCA! I bought the TCA stuff at perfectcomplexion.net MAN! That stuff works! I recommend it to anyone! So I love my skin! I feel great! And Accutane changed my life!!!! Anyone on Accutane hang in there! You will feel better every week! I have the face I dreamed of for 3 years!!!!! Hang in there its worth it!!!! I finally MADE IT!!!!!! I love you all! Anymore Question just let me know and I will be glad to answer! Take care friends!

EDIT: I didnt have cyst acne and it wasnt THAT bad (well bad in the areas I had it but I didnt have it all over).... Just areas on the middle of my cheecks! I was on mino before accutane and it helped alot but it didnt last! I was on it for about 5 months! Take care!

Also I just wanted to say God never gave you more then you could handle in life so if you think what you have is really bad then just know you are amazing and strong!

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I am so glad you posted that up! And the line about God is great. That is so true that He would not give us a load we couldn't handle. Hope you have a great summer and I can't wait until I have great skin too. B)

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I don't mean to be a party pooper but I think the concept of suicide implies that last point about God is possibly flawed.

Congrats Lala on braving accutane and getting great skin. Don't do another TCA though, or any scar treatment at all. Give your skin some much needed rest.

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