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Hello everyone this is Rene..

I have had occasional cystic acne for few years since school. Now I am in university and it is getting better, but still I break out time to time.

I recently visited a dermatologist. He reminded me that acne is formed by combination and interaction of androgens, oil glands and hair follicle, and bacteria...At puberty acne is prevalent and happens to most people because of overproduction of oil and how efficiently your face can shed off dead skin, and how active hormones are. My point: this is a genetic factor...no?? So how can many of these treatments work to help acne??

I read on message board about people eating many vitamin pills every day and the many oil/skin creams they put on...But how can this help?? Isn't main problem the genetics of the person? If people put on acid or benzol peroxide or differin or whatever else...it might help treat the top of the skin superficially, but it doesn't help what is going on underneath the skin? Even if you put on benzol peroxide to treat acne, it only helps shed top layer of skin, but not addressing whats going on under skin... Then how can it help at all??

What are people doing to themselves...pee treatment and egg on face, cinnamon and honey masks...things like this? How can this help if it doesn't address the main issue of genetics?

People say everyones skin is different and maybe so, but still isn't there a common denominator for the cause of acne: active hormones, androgen levels, overproduction of oil, bacteria, inefficient dead skin shedding?

I am just saying for people not to get caught up in many of these treatments people say. I am asking people to think critically when doing things to their face as it can make acne worse!! And also avoid spending much money for treatments that do nothing. So many companies/people just want to take advantage of people with acne because they are desperate for something, anything to make it better..right?? For example I look at a lot of acne creams before, and what active ingredients are the same: some sort of acid. But that doesn't do anything to treat severe acne!

Many of my friends have very nice complexion and clear face. I was a little jealous before, but now I am in university I see that they don't do anything to protect face against acne. No creams, no nothing, just wash face from time to time. My point is that maybe it has nothing to do with what kind of cream you use or what vitamin pills you take. It probably just has to do with genetics that determines how your skin condition is

I don't have any answers to how to solve acne, but over time when I had bad acne I tried many things and they mostly didn't work...Though I am mostly clear now maybe somethings will help alleviate some acne...like washing face or maybe oral medication to help whats going on under the skin.

But in the big picture acne won't stop until everyones genes say it will stop!

Just think about it, is all I am asking


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I also believe genetics play a minor role, but I think there are a ton of other factors that contribute to acne. I think it would be more accurate to consider it as an interplay of genetics, the body's own function, and environment.

I really can't say much more than that because everyone's skin and bodies are so different and I haven't done any research on this particular topic.

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Genetic predisposition to acne is a factor that must be reckoned with if one has more than just the "normal" acne that manifests itself with the onset of puberty.

While I think the original poster has many interesting ideas and is attempting to think critically regarding acne, it is still imperative that some course of treatment be effected. The inherent danger is simply giving up and saying that "it's in my genes, there is no hope."

There are many treatment options for acne, some of which are downright quackery perpetrated by some out to make a fast buck with little regard to consequence. Others promote some very unorthodox treatments based on anecdotal experiences which have brought about results that are remarkable, if not supported scientifically. This happens with other diseases as well, where someone is cured by consuming a substance or following a particular protocol that seems to make little or no sense and the disease goes away. The problem arises when the treatment is replicated in others with little or no success. The how and why of this phenomenon has been noted for years without any real explanation.

There are other treatments, some holistic and nutritional in approach and others which require medication and even surgery which do bring about positive results in a broad cross section of people and these are the ones that any sufferer of acne should focus on.

Acne remains somewhat of a mystery disease, and as I have stated before I tend to believe that it may be a manifestation of symptoms of several different but interrelated diseases which is why treatment A is effective with some but not all whereas treatment B is also effective for some but not all. Isoretonin, for example, attacks the symptoms but doesn't really attack the underlying cause of the disease. However, it does seem to be effective in thousands of cases, but alas, not all. This message board is full of acctane horror stories, although the number of people who are not helped is statistically very small (however, I understand the impact that it has on the individual who is not helped).

As medical science progresses in the 21st Century I firmly believe that the genetic basis for many diseases will be established. Actually Darwin unwittingly suggested this when he looked at natural selection. When the great plagues of Europe struck, thousands died, some caught the plague while others were not affected at all. The explanation of course, is "natural immunity"...well isn't that really another way of saying a genetic predisposition NOT to catch a particular disease? With the flu season upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, some will not contract the flu, even though they will be in a flu infested enviornment, and will have not been innoculated against it. The reason of course, is a genetic predisposition not to be affected by the virus that causes it.

So while I believe that enviornmental factors play a role (especially with regard to nutrition) I also believe that genetics plays a signifcant role in who gets severe acne and who doesn't.

Joe Zit

Edited by Joe Zit

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For me, genetics don't play a fuucken role in acne.

I've to wear glasses for a light myopia but nobody wears glasses in my family

I've oily skin and nobody has had it in my family

I've Seborrheic Dermatitis which is supposed to be 75% genetic but nobody in my family has it.

I've acne and nobody but my uncle and cousin have had it

I'm shorter than my dad and grandfathers...

Poor luck?

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Italian Boy:

The science of genetics is more complex than what characteristics you directly manifest or what your parents manifest. It is the interplay of your parent's dominant and recessive genes mixed in the right combination.

The simple fact is that nobody with the exception of identical twins has the exact same DNA. If that were the case all your family members would be the same with no variation. The potential amount of genetic material that we pass on or have the potential for passing on is astounding which is why you don't look like your sister (if you have one) or are three inches taller than your father (if indeed you are).

The genetic disease cystic fibrosis is an example of this. Neither parent manifests symptoms of the disease, but act as "carriers." For their offspring to have the disease both must have the recessive gene that causes it. If they married someone else who didn't carry the gene, then their offspring would not have the disease. ALso too, not all offspring of people who are carriers of cystic fibrosis have the disease. This I know from personal experience.

You have a very simplistic concept of genetics which I am sure will improve as you become better educated and better informed.

By your own admission acne runs in your family.

All the best,

Joe Zit

Edited by Joe Zit

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