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I hate the fact that I have acne at all.

I hate the fact that Accutane has almost gotten rid of my acne, but I'm left with a whole bunch of red marks and scars that look almost as bad as the acne itself did.

I hate the fact that Accutane has added dry skin onto my big list of skin problems. I regret going on Accutane.

I hate the fact that I've neglected my overall appearance, because if my skin isn't perfect, what's the point in making an effort at all?

I hate the looks of pity I get from strangers.

I hate that my mother blames me for my skin problems, saying that I don't wash my face enough or don't take care of my skin, when I actually spend excessive amounts of time doing so.

I hate how shallow people are.

I hate the fact that I've got nothing good going for me to compensate for my bad skin.

I hate people with perfect skin.

I hate that I have no social life because of my lack of self esteem due to my bad skin.

I hate looking in the mirror through squinted eyes, or not looking at the mirror at all, because I'm afraid of what I'll see.

I hate it when I think I'm having an 'ok skin' day, and my mother wrecks it by pointing out my scars.

I hate looking at old photos of myself, when I had perfect skin, and realising that I should've appreciated it more.

I hate the fact that I'm 17 and will probably never be able to look people in the eye again.

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Intellectually i can understand your logic, but emotionally I can tell u it doesnt really matter if u have intelligence or personality going for you.

I am one of the top students in my school and am generally considered quite intelligent. And it doesnt mean squat to me, cos i still feel inferior due to my bad skin. In fact, for some odd reason, i feel even worse when i am intelligent but with bad skin. Kinda like a mismatch if you catch my meaning.

A word of advice. The only thing that made me felt better was actively seeking out treatments to improve my scars. That was the only thing that helped me. Then again, after treatments, if you are unlucky, you will still get crushed when you dun get the improvements u r hoping for.

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