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Metrogel 1% to treat acne?

Hello everyone!

I'm new here. I just wanted to ask you guys if you have every tried Metrogel 1% to treat acne? I had a TERRIBLE breakout. I have had acne since I hit puberty, but for the past years my face cleared up and I was doing just great. Suddenly, I had a horrible, painful breakout like never before. I thought it was something else. It was mostly on my chin, I had inflammation, cysts, redness, pus, extremely itchy. It was just real bad. I was so scared, but I didn't have money to see a derm until I decided to call one because I was so scared. Family members were telling me that I needed to see a doctor right away because that wasn't looking like an acne breakout, we even talked about skin cancer. So I went to a derm and he gave me bactrim, CeraVe cleanser and bactroban oinment. I saw a huge improvement within a week, but I still had A LOT. So I went to another derm because I felt that I needed a second opinion (the first derm didn't really tell what I had). So the second derm did an aerobic culture on my skin and she didn't found nothing to worry about. She gave me Metrogel 1%, Doxycycline hyclate 150 mg (DORYX), Benzoyl peroxide 5% foaming pads and Cloderm. There has been a lot of improvement, but the redness doesnt go away at all. Now, I got acne on my cheeks (I dont know why since I am really good on following doctor's instructions and take care of my skin now that I am under treatment). I saw my derm 16 days ago and she told me to continue to use only Metrogel, Doryx (antibiotics), Benzoyl peroxide pads, and she told to use Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser. The pimples that I now get are SOO different from the ones I used to get. They take forever to go away. I am still having trouble with some that just don't go away. I have been having them for at least two months. They feel so different, they are very very red and it feels like they are filled with some sort of liquid.

The thing is that I don't understand why she gave me Metrogel if that's to treat Rosacea. I have been using metrogel and it doesn't really help my acne. I just keep getting more and I am starting to give it up. Can Metrogel 1% actually be used to treat acne? Is not working for me and it is very expensive ($212) since I dont have insurance.

I had this terrible "breakout" almost three months ago.

Have anyone tried Metrogel for acne?

Thank you so much for reading my story. I TRULY appreciate it. God bless you all.

Best regards,


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ive never tried metrogel before...I have heard of it...but do not know if its any good....I am dealing with acne myself for the ladt 7 years on and off...I used to be clear just half a year ago for like 2 years...I was on the acne.org regimen...and 5 months ago i stopped it and started using products that started breaking me out badly...now for the ladt 3 months im on dans regimen again...and my skin is better but Im still having some breakouts....but I suggest you try dans regimen....its not very expensive..and I'm sure it will help you....if you have any questions please feel free to message me!!


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It sounds as though you were diagnosed with acne rosacea. It's not really acne, so the name is deceptive and most people just refer to it as rosacea.

One thing - usually DOXYCYCLINE MONOHYDRATE is better for rosacea than the hyclate. Also, do a search to verify this information, but if I recall correctly BP doesn't reall work for rosacea, but SA does. (I have it, but I'm well controlled and can't recall the sources.)

I'd also suggest a low glycemic index diet at least until you get clear and anti-allergy pillow covers.

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I actually just suffered a horrible breakout after a miscarriage, now 5 weeks later, still no relief. I also went to 2 dermos in one week, and one gave me Metrogel and the other gave me Finacea (both for rosacea). This is another one you can ask your dermo about if Metrogel does not work for you. I didn't even realize they were for rosacea until I got home and read the pamplet. I was scratching my head as to why, I do not have rosacea? I think it is because we have adult acne which is rosacea. These meds treat both. I chose to start Finacea over Metrogel just based on reviews I read on the internet, however my derm did say Metrogel works great. I just started Finacea a few days ago, so no results yet, but I am giving it 3-4 weeks. If I don't see results, I am going to go ahead and try Metrogel. Keep us posted on your results, I would love to know how it is working if Finacea doesn't help. I am also thinking about doing Doxycycline, I have heard great things and I think my acne is hormone related and I just want to get over this infection period, then hopefully it will calm down and I can ditch the antiobitics and just do topical. Before this breakout I was clear for years on Dan's regimen. BP has been the only thing that has cleared me up - ALOT of it. I will probably go back to it if both these rosacea topicals do not help. I want to give them a chance though! Sorry for your breakouts, I know how hard it is :(

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