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What's a good amount of omega-3 to be taking (in fish oil capsules)?

My main problem is not acne, but oily skin. I've heard some people have had good results with fish oil, so I bought myself a bottle of capsules from Holland & Barrett (reputable UK chain). I've been taking them for about a month and haven't really noticed any difference, but that's probably because I'm possibly taking a low dose. Here's the stats:-

1000mg fish oil softgel capsules

300mg omega-3 (EPA and DHA in fairly equal quantities)

0.74mg vitamin E (α-TE)

Currently, I'm taking 3 capsules a day with food, so that's 900mg omega-3 and 2.22mg vitamin E daily. How much should I be taking to really see an effect, without going overboard? I am slightly worried about taking too much, even if it is pretty difficult to overdose on omega-3. And how hard is it to overdose on vitamin E?

P.S.: I did check the boards very thoroughly for information on this matter, but it often seems a little vague whether people are talking about fish oil or omega-3 quantities, so I thought I'd ask for clarification. Also, I know that no supplement is a magic cure and I am going to work on reforming my diet as well, and I'm also going to try out Puritan Pride's "Zinc for Acne" vitamin cocktail as soon as I can find it here in England.

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What you really want to look at is the EPA+DHA content. I try to take close to 3g of EPA+DHA per day. That is probably on the high side. I would recommend at least 1g of EPA+DHA.

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Guest DireStraits

I usually take 2g of EPA+DHA per day. Whenever I upped my dosage to 4g my breath smelled of fish which is probably my body giving me a sign that I've taken too much...weird?

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OK, thanks for the responses!

I guess I might try going up to 2g some time, then, seeing as how 1g isn't really doing much for me (acne's been behaving slightly, but pores are still the same size, skin is as oily as ever). I'll get capsules with a higher dosage of omega-3, so I don't have to take so many.

Next up, I guess I'll give zinc a try. I've been hearing good things about that.

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