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i just wanted to share some tips on how to heal red marks left after a pimple has gone or even after you popped a pimple even though you show you shouldnt have.

It is important that you do this as soon as the pimple has healed.

its very simple and i guarantee it works, all you have to do is take a cotton pad preferably the ones you use when you remove makeup and dampen it with cold water, and apply it as a compress. The longer you do this the more you will see the colour of the red mark fade from red to pinkish and finally to nothing. I do this for two three hours at a time and i always see a huge improvement afterwards.

the reason it works is because you are literally feeding your skin moisture by letting it soak up the water(think of it as your skin drinking water topically), which as a result plumps up the skin.

Like i said its a simple remedy but requires a lot of patience, i suggest watching a movie, or tv while you are doing this since it will make the time go by faster. You need to apply the compress for minimum of one hour until you see results and the more times you do it during the day and the longer you do it the more you will be amazed at how your scar is diminishing before your eyes.

once you are done the compress and you are ready for bed, to accelerate the healing i suggest applying pure lavender oil followed by 100% pure shea butter and you will see amazing results.

please try and let me know

i know it sounds too simple and too good to be true to just apply water but sometimes the simplest things work like magic, so please try

and best of luck

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i also forgot to mention that a great mask to help fade red marks as well is organic probiotic yogurt. 2 % is best since the fat helps feed your skin lost mositure from damaging acne products. The mask can also be used when you have a breakout since it calms down the redness and inflammation and helps clear out your pores. There are many websites with people who claim yogurt cured their acne. You can google it for more info. I however think it is amazing for curing red marks fast and for promoting fast healing. Since yougurt is gentle you can spot treat the red marks twice a day for a least 30 min or even longer then rinse with water. Repeat everyday and watch marks fade fast.

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