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Why is there STILL redness under my scars?

About 2 and a half years ago I got hit with very severe acne which left both of my cheeks pretty much full of scars, Id say moderate/severe scarring.

Its been two years since that happened and by now Ive pretty much accepted the scarring, however I thought that over time the redness that comes with the scarring would eventually fade away, unfortunately its been 2 years and the redness within the scarring has yet to fade much at all really.

When im in a cold environment the blood drains from my face and although scarring is still visible its not highlighted by redness and I feel fine, however when it gets hot my skin becomes red, and each individual pockmark (and there are alot of them of varying sizes) becomes red and so the scarring really really stands out and looks horrible.

Now if my face was colourless all the time I wouldnt mind the scars really at all, but when it goes red I lose a fuckload of confidence and generally feel like shit (hence why im not a fan of summer anymore).

Dont really know what the purpose of this thread is, I cant think of any answers that havent already popped into my head, I think im losing hope that my skin will ever get better and Im starting to feel like it will stay like this forever, its not even a case of 'fading red marks' its more like fading the redness inside the scars which is probably impossible as the scars are essentially depressed areas of skin and so the blood is more visible due to the thinner skin surface.

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hmmm it could be of two things:

the redness i think is due to hyperpigmentation. do you have dark skin? (darker than white) usually fades within a year but in your case it hasn't even after 2. I would get a professional check. you can get vasular laers to "zap" the capillaries close to the surface to reduce the redness.

the other is the redness are actually hypertrophic scars. check if the red scars/area are raised at all or rough in appearance/texture. i'm not sure what the treatment would be for this

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