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So now I'm a bit confused...

Hi, I'm new, and my name is Stephanie. I'm to start Clarvaris on Thursday.

I've been REALLY busy with school/work, and I'll admit that I didn't read my iPledge book in depth. *shame*

When I went for my first appointment, I got the usual breakdown and I was told to get my blood work done. The doctor left before I thought to ask when to get it done, so I asked the nurse, who informed me anytime would work. She recommended getting it done ASAP so I wouldn't forget. This was August 30th. I didn't have a free day until the 15th, so I got my blood work done then.

Now, after having read the book, rather than skimming it, I noticed something that scares me.

"Fill and Pick up your prescription within the 7-day prescription window, counting the date of the pregnancy test as DAY 1."

...does this mean my blood work is no longer valid?

I've tried calling my doctor but I keep getting a busy signal. If it wasn't a 45 minute drive, I'd go, but since I have 2 exams tomorrow, that's not an option. Now I'm really worried, mad at myself/that nurse!

Please help! Thanks!

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No worries. What you read means when you go to your derm (thursday) they will make take a urine sample and check if your pregnant. It takes a few minutes then the derm will prescribe accutane and from that day (thursday) you have 7 days to go fill and pick up your prescription.

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Thanks for responding, but I just got off the phone with my derm's nurse.

She said that thing stated in the iPledge book "doesn't matter," which I find really strange. She said it means that I have from September 30th to October 6th to fill my prescription.

I don't have another appt with my derm until October 29th; I got my prescription on August 30th and it was dated for September 30th.

I took her word for it, but it just doesn't seem right!

I guess I'll find out soon enough... :-/

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So here's the deal. You need to have your bloodwork done and 2 negative pregnancy tests - 30 days apart - BEFORE you can start accutane. Your first set of bloodwork (pregnancy test) gets entered by your derm into the ipledge system. Have you been confirmed in ipledge and received your password? This has to be done by your derm. That information comes by mail. Once your 2nd pregnancy test is negative AND your derm enters that into the ipledge system AND you answer your questions on-line, THEN you can fill your prescription (yes, that must be done within a 7 day window).

It is somewhat complicated, but once you get it down it's not that big of a deal, just more of an annoyance. You have to have a negative pregnancy test every month and answer the ipledge questions every month in order to get your prescription. Good luck!

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