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differin and benzaclin log

Ive already been on it for about four weeks and the only only thing that's changed is some red marks have healed but new formations on temples. So, Im going tot start logging today at week four, but Ill title it as day one. I have pics of my skin in one of my other posts, feel free to look..ill post more in maybe a week

Day one (week 4): Put differin3 on. My skin really sucks. Some parts of my cheeks are clear, but the rest of my skin is pimply..put aloe vera on in the morning after lightly rubbing face with a washcloth. Washed my face with acnefree for sensitive skin tonight in the shower. (I only wash at night or my skin dries out )

day two: didnt pick at my skin because it spreads bacteria. turned the spray on my shower harder so I could get more dead cells off. My skin feels oily/dry

day three: it looks a little less red actually but still pimply :/ I put on differin just around an hour ago, my skin feels stiff, a tad tingly, but thats supposed to happen.

day four: I stopped picking my skin, started taking hot showers with a hard spray since cold water therapy wasnt working for me, plus it's really freezing out. I put on benzaclin and in the morning washed off with a cold cloth.

day five: My skin looks better. Less red and the bumps on my forehead are reducing.

day six: wow drastic improvement. Dont get me wrong, im still far from all clear, but I look better. Broke down and pinched some things on my forehead.

day seven: yikes! I should not have picked! I look worse :( and the bacteria spread so my forehead looks worse again :( NO PICKING anymore:( it never helps

day one (week 5): I still look bad. Red, bumpy, and gross. :(:( I just want to cry

day two: I look HORRIBLE. EXTREMELY red and very bumpy. I pinched again since my skin looks like shit anyways, what do I have to lose? I think I will go off dairy and see if that helps at all. The thing that REALLY gets me is Im getting acne on my chin, temples, jaw, and lip now and Ive NEVER had it there. My cheeks and forehead are ugly. Im seriously crying :(

day 3: my skin looks like shit, what else is new? I'm going to stop benzaclin and just continue with differin. Maybe that will help me some. My acne is the same as it was last year before ANY treatment :( which is depressing, I cant even wear my hair up. I remember when people would comment on my clear skin. Infact, there was a time only a few months ago I found myself complaining about my hair, and could care less that my skin was perfect...what was my deal?! I will NEVER take clear skin for granted AGAIN. :(

day 4: used differin again last night and not the benzaclin, my jaw was really dry and my cheeks and jaw have been super itchy. My mom thinks I have rosacea, I agree. She thinks I should try to not eat yeast, or sugars and I will be returning to the derm on oct. 29. I want to have normal clear skin back :( why was I cursed with embarassing acne! :(

day 5: still dry, gross, red and pimply. Just using differin now and not benzaclin

day 6: same. My jaw is VERY itchy and dry

day 7: No changes whatsoever. I feel hopeless :(((

day 1(week 6): I think I have come to a personal breakthrough...I need to stop eating yeast. Ive had a yeast infection for a while and I keep eating breads and grains,,this could definitely be causing some of my acne. Also, I have excessive skin flaking..that is very apparent. Ive had other problems with dead skin over the years.

day 2: My mom came up with the idea of peeling of my dead skin gently with the back of my thumbnail after I wash my face. You must make sure your skin is wet when you do this though and go gently over acne areas. So, Im going to dry this since I have problems with dead skin buildup all over my body. (but somehow only have acne on my face) I now wash in the morning as well as the night and use moisturizer!

day 3: HUGE improvement *knocks on wood* the skin peeling has really helped me.

day 4: my forehead which was previously covered in white heads and acne is really mostly clear now. Im still using benzaclin but went off differin

day 5: wow. I still have red marks from previous acne and I still have acne all over, but my chin, temples, and parts of my cheeks are clearing. My forehead is almost clear. wow..I can actually stand to look at myself in a mirror. not at school though...Im not at that point. . Seriously though, I cannot believe my dead skin was causing such a huge problem..I cant express my feelings fully.. :,D

day 6: good day :)

day 7.: pinched spotsare red, some scabbing. I look like crap. My skin is dry too

day 8: school tom. and I still look gross.

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