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Overnight breakouts...

Can someone give me an explanation as to why I am breaking out around my chin area when i never used to? The interesting thing is they are in pairs :think: ...very tiny...but still it bothers me. I am being optimistic and thinking "things are getting worse before they get better" My right side is looking good no break outs just light pigmentations...the left side i have a clustered pigmentation and everywhere else is clear. So I am thinking that b/c the bp lets oxygen into my pores these tiny pimples are popping out b/c they were going to later...so basically the bp is making sure everything pops out quick? hhaha lol :lol: I just came up w/ that hope i am right...

can someone give me some explanations...i am kind of bummed out...i wanted to go surprise my bf at his business but the break outs held me back :( not that he cares he's the one who tells me it's just a stage some go thru it longer than the others...but still I want to look extra special...anyways i really would appreciate some advice...explanations...anyone? :razz:

thanks... ;)

(((i apologize for all the expression faces I love expressing myself + they are so cute whoever thought of them there is an expression for everything)))

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The first few months can feel like a roller coaster ride, with clearing followed by breakouts, followed by clearing. As time goes on the breakouts should be milder and resolve quicker than before.

Let's be sure you are doing everything correctly though.




Hope that helps.

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How long have you been on the regimen?

I am still experiencing overnight breakouts on my chin area, too. I'm at the start on my 7th week on the regimen; my forehead and right side of my face are clear. My left side is a little unpredictable and prone to red marks, but the left side of my chin is still breaking out something rotten - it's very rotten. I'm pre-menstrual, but they're the largest they've been in ages. Ouch!

Goood luck ceasing your breakouts. I hope we both manage it..

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I'm five weeks in, and I can't really tell yet if the BP is working for me or not.. I still get new spots all over the place. So, consider yourself lucky and don't worry too much about it!

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