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Week 3 of the regimen and I've never had so many pustules at one time. I'm doing an OK job of not touching. Some start leaking on their own so i gently help those along. Then i get these scabby things that i'm realllly trying not to pick. This pussy thing on my chin was really painful and deep and ugly and i still didn't pick. Tonight i laughed at something and suddenly there was blood all over my chin!! ran to the mirror, and the freaking thing was OOZING blood and just a little pus. Like I cut myself or something! it's still kinda oozing. Lathered on some polysporin. Couple hours later, not oozing but pussy again. WTF. What is wrong with me. I popped some advils. Should i keep using BP? help!

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Yeah dude, feels like since using the stuff mines getting worse too, it got a bit better at first and i only had 1 pimple for about a week, now i have tons that ive never had before and i have 3 bigs painfull ones on my chin too, and i have fucking school tomorrow, I really hate my skin.

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lol did you realize you said you have this pussy thing on your chin ... hehe

lol lol lol oops

hey polysporin helps! i will keep chugging along with the bp. but man i look and feel like hell. shouldn't be too much longer, right? right???

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