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Applying Makeup While On Dan's Regimen

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I've been using Dan's regimen and products for about 1 month so far. Acne is better, but has not completely cleared up.

When I apply the moisturizer, no matter how long I wait, it doesn't seem to dry completely, and I do rub it in gently until it has mostly absorbed. There is always a thin, shiny coat on my skin that does not seem to absorb. When I apply foundation (Bareminerals, SPF15) it is difficult because my skin is not very dry. As a result, my skin ends up looking strange, patchy and more powdery. Before I used the regimen, my skin was smoother (though it had more acne) and I could apply foundation more easily and evenly. It's really frustrating, does anyone have any suggestions? I want to protect my face with the SPF in the foundation (and hide the acne) but I don't want to use sunscreen because I am afraid it will mess with my acne.

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i've read somewhere on this site that almay is supposed to be pretty good. i am thinking about trying it out, as soon as i'm done with my paula's choice sheer tint. that stuff is great too, does not break me out whatsoever. it does not give you as much coverage as foundation does, it's like tinted moisturizer. you have to order it online though.

i'm not a fan of mineral makeup (it breaks me out for some reason). a more high-end option would be laura mercier's tinted moisturizer. also great stuff. i believe she has an oil-free version as well.

i think it's great that you are using SPF though. i know dan says you don't need it, but i haven't met one dermatologist (and i've seen at least 12) that says you don't need it. whether you have acne or not is pretty irrelevant. it's the best investment you can make for your skin, in my opinion.

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