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It's kind of funny. Two of them are pre-med, and all three are like:

"I was so desperate before accutane I tried...blah blah"


"my derm recommended this...it has no fragrance so it's good" (referring to Cetaphil)


"UVA UVB protection!!! zomg"


"wow that has salicylic acid...it helps so much"


"I first tried topicals, and then moved to minocycline"

My door is closed now, and I am just listening and laughing. But at the same time, all these people's skin is clear except for maybe 1-2 spots and a little almost invisible redness.

I wish I could just go out there and be like, "sit-down kiddos and let 2 years of acne.org experience enlighten ya."

But it ticks me off that one of my roomies eats horrible. My school's food is ranked in the top 3 for best college food, so it's easy to overindulge. At the buffet place (which is friggin heaven) they have awesome desserts, and what my roommate eats...I can't even begin to describe it. Last time we were there it was:

3 brownies, a bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream (the creamy kind) covered completely in oreo crumbs AND another whole, completely filled bowl of straight up oreo crumbs...it must have totalled over 200grams of sugar easily, and he is thin as a stick!!! I kind of hope some of them get bad acne again, ahah, but I don't wish that. :rolleyes:

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