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i got hold of some natures way dim and also changed my diet and im sure there was a significant improvement. I ran out of DIM PLUS however :(.Seeing as im from the UK i have to import from the US). Ive just got my next delivery i ordered 3 mouths worth (taking 2 in the morning and two evening ) It's sooooo expensive to import ive paid like $100 dollars (including handling ect).

My first question: Ive found 'DIM' i can buy in the uk so obviously it would save me lots of hassle and money if i bought that, however im not sure if it will work as well this 'DIM Plus' people have been talking about this increased absorbsion ect. Im just worried if i don't order my next batch soon (takes like 3 weeks to get here) ill run out again so what do you think would it be ok to get some 'diindolylmethane' and use that instead of DIM PLUS. (Would defiantly save so much money and hassle).

or does anyone know where i can get 'DIM PLUS' in the uk?

or anyone who can import cheaply ect :/

My second question: I've recieved my fresh batch and was wondering should i double up on my first dosage to make up for the lost days?

any input would be helpfull thanks

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hi mclozors how long did it take for you to notice any improvement?

well the first i started taking it was about 2 and a half weeks ago and i noticed good improvement, then i stopped for three days and i think my skin started to get a little worse. Started again two days ago and my skins getting better i think. Although around the time i started time i also tried to changed my diet a little cutting sugar ect. The real test will come in the next week or so beacuase im away and can't cook my own meals although ill try and eat good stuff my nan is cooking for me so i can't be sure how thins are cooked ect.

So to answer the question within a few days i think but ill let you know when in the next week or so.

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