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I was just wondering after researching vitamin A their is a ton of conflicting things about it.

The biggest one im curious about is dryness, and conjuctivitus.

I have slightly oily skin, and I read websites which state to much vitamin A drys out the skin, while other websites claim vitamin A solves dry skin and helps with dry skin. So which is it?

And secondly I have issues with my eyes and sometimes get conjuctivitus. Again some websites state vitamin A helps prevent it and is great for it. While other websites claim conjuctivitus is a symptom of to much vitamin A?

On top of that i read vitamin A helps dry eyes, while other websites again claim to much vitamin A can cause dry eyes.

Im confused, can anyone clear this up? Does to much vitamin A somehow reverse its affects? I dont really understand it. If something helps dry skin how can to much cause dry skin?

To me its like saying water can help if your dehydrated, but drinking to much water will make you dehydrated.

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For instance heres one from a website.

"Early symptoms of chronic Vitamin A toxicity are sparsely distributed, coarse hair; alopecia of the eyebrows; dry, rough skin; dry eyes; and cracked lips."

And then another website states the following.

"Nightblindness and dry eye are the kinds of blindness caused by a lack of vitamin A."

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