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hey guys, earlier this year I chose a treatment of bp+monocycline(sp) capsules for 4 months, and throughout that period i was pretty much 90% acne free with minor breakouts now and then that went away in the next couple of days. Now i'm done the treatment and i'm getting a LOT less breakouts than before, but i'm still getting like 5 new bumps on my face every other day.

So i was wondering, just how serious should ur acne be when you'd consider accutane? B/c i kinda feel like my skin's been abused for the last 4 years, I have aging lines on my forehead and i'm only 17...but then again it seems like the worst is over...but i don't know just how long the monocycline is gonna hold up (I kinda have a feeling its still kicking in, even tho i've been done the treatment for a couple of months) So is this just a drug-induced period where the acne is laying low, or could this be a real decline? i've had acne for the past 4-5 yrs, prolly the worst i ever had was like 2 years ago (I mean huge bumps on every visible spot on my face, with some pimples piled up on others)

Also, is there a good, inexpensive treatment to scarring? B/c if my acne is in fact going away, i'd like to focus on rebuilding the battlefield, so to speak. I hear dermabrasion is quite expensive and I don't want to spend hundreds on this stuff, but i still have scars i've had 4 years ago, with barely any difference.

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I used the tape measure for scars and also used this home dermabrasion thing from Susan Lucci, and I love it! You have to constantly exfoliate, even use the apple cidar vinegar method. I also use this stuff from ebay, a 5 minute chemical peel, there are threads on it (love the stuff) but you have to be very careful what you buy for that........you need new skin, and the scars will fade more and more each year.

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