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confused girl

Red, sensitive, OILY & tingly....

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The skin on my cheeks, forehead, nose & chin is red, sensitive, oily & has lots of bumps...ranging from different sizes, it's like really small spots everywhere. It's been like this for around a year now and at first it was just on my cheeks and nose but now it's spreading more and more. It all started when i got lots of breakouts a couple of years ago, i would use over-the-counter cleansers and i hardly moisturised my skin, i was so naive. I never thought something like this would happen to me. Gradually the more i washed it to try and rid my skin of spots, the more breakouts i got due to oilyness appearing....as the oil appeared, it made my face itchy and tingly...like spots were breaking out every second and it made me so eager to scratch my skin but i have to refrain from doing so. Even when a hair blows into my face it irritates it so much! Now my skin is so red and blotchy in the parts where i cleanse it....and i am at the end of my tether. I don't know what skin care regime i should be using for my type of skin, i don't even know how to classify my skin anymore! If i use something for 'oily skin' to absorb the oil...it just makes the oil come back after a while as my skin is responding to the dryness by pumping out more oil, which makes me so mad. If i use moisturisers for dry skin....it just leaves my skin even shinier and therefore more itchy and more prone to breakouts! I don't know what i should be doing =/

any help would be appreciated & sorry if this is located in the wrong section of the forum.

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