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How necessary is 2 full pumps?

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Well, I'm in week two of the regimen. Normally, I was a holistic type of person, but as I have started a new internship where they've been feeding me junk all week, I expected hell to break loose on my skin. It didn't! It's the first time I could eat whatever without getting a bad breakout - except when I hate some mashed potatoes that caused a mere two small zits to pop up for a couple of days.

Anyhow - my experience with the regimen hasn't been terrible. At first, I went through the whole redness, peeling thing. I found out that if I use Complex 15 instead of Cetaphil, my skin won't look sun burnt. My boyfriend actually asked me one evening if I had been in the sun. But my skin doesn't really get red anymore. The flaking around my mouth has subsided, and where my skin is somewhat dry, it isn't peeling or flaking like crazy. Overall, it has done a decent job at keeping me clear - at least so far. The only OTHER problem I've had is that I had a zit before I started the regimen, and since putting BP on it, it WILL NOT heal. The BP seems to be making my skin heal extremely slowly. It's been two weeks and this thing is STILL there. I've started putting neosporin on it, and in a mere day or two, it's finally fading. So, no big deal.

So, to my main question. Through all of this, I have only been using one, maybe 1.5 pumps morning and night. Is it terribly crucial to go up to 2 pumps? Will it stop working if I don't? I guess I just don't seen the need of going up to more pumps if one is doing just fine, but I don't want to risk the success either.

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Generally, it's recommend that you follow The Regimen as outlined until you're staying consistently clear, which usually takes at least a couple of months.

Once you've cleared up, and you're staying clear, you can try changing things around, one ot a time. So, after you're clear, if you want to try using less BP, that's fine. Not everybody needs the full two pumps of BP to stay clear.

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