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For those with keloidal or hypertrophic scarring.

I'm not posting here because I have a cure for those who suffer from keloidal or hypertrophic scarring. I hold no answers or keys to solving the problem of these types of scars. All i know is that like many, I am a person who suffers from these scars daily. I search these forums as well as other websites daily hoping for a magic cure to somewhere arise. Yet everyday i am let down. To be honest I have seriously thought about suicide because of the scars i must look in the mirror and see daily. But letting something such as a scar beat you in life is simply pathetic, atleast according to me. Now my scars are spread on my body, ranging from my face, neck, chest, and shoulders. And as i thought about it, the scars i have probably only make up about 1% or less of my actual body. Yet i still fall victim to these tiny blemishes wherever i go.But to be honest F*** THAT! I will not let them win. i hope that with a group of peaople who actually feel as strong about getting rid of these things as me, that we can find away to make these scars a non-issue. Now i'm realistic I know that these scars will never permantley be gone, all i really care about is them being flattened, and then we can go from there. So i would please ask anyone who has ever suffered, is suffering, or just wants to help, please post your knowledge on the scars & any solutions. Whatever you think may work, or has worked would be appreciated. Whether it be a cream, a gel, lasers, anything that can help those who suffer from these. Life is too short and everyday we are self concious about things is another lost day, so lets end the problem, everything has a cure or fix, EVERYTHING! so lets find it.

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