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Confused about Appointments and Accutane

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sooo i'm kinda confused over this ipledge thing and the monthly appointments you have to go on to see your derm to get the prescription for another month. I'm starting my accutane course here at home and then have to find another doctor where i go to school. sooo does the appointment i have to make to get my next months prescription have to be exactly 4 weeks, because the only date i could make the appointment for was not exactly 4 weeks, it was a little over. I'm totally confused does anyone know what i should do? or what i'm even talking about hahaha becuase I could be way off. thanks!

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You can't pick up the prescription for exactly 30 days after your last one, so your appointment needs to be as close to that as possible in order to keep up a steady stream of treatment. A couple of days off (even a week) shouldn't hurt the course though.

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Don't qoute me, and hopefully someone here will have had the same experince as you.

I believe what will happen is that you will probably run out of pills for a couple of days, depending when you next appointment is. Which should be okay cause accutane stays in the system for up to 9 days and continues to work up to two months.

If you are female you will still need to make sure you take your blood work a day or two before you next appointment and have them forward it to the new derms office you are getting your rx from.

I am assuming too that you let the new derms office know that you are on accutane, I am not sure if they will have to enter your information in thier computers even though your current derm has you in thiers.

Might want to call them back to make sure...I pledge can be crazy at times.

I hope this makes sense lol.....

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with iPledge, you have 1 week to see your derm, get bloodwork, questions answered online, and get your script filled. So you would need to see your derm as close to the 4 week mark as possible (with a 7 day grace period). One time I couldnt make it to my derm apt because I was at school so he agreed to fax the prescription and bloodwork order so it wouldnt mess up my iPledge schedule. I just had to go see him ASAP. I dont know if other derms will do that though.

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