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Any advice y'all?

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Well I've never posted so here goes.

I'm 18 and 5 months old. And around March I think, I went on Duac Gel. This worked for around 2 weeks then my skin got pretty flakey. I used moisturiser, but I decided this wasn't worth it since my skin was terribly flakey. I came off it around 1 month or so after I started. So I came off it expecting my skin to back to it's old days. Oh yeah this is my type os skin:

******SKIN TYPE******

Well I have acne in my T-Zone, my cheeks remain unaffected apart from a random pimple I may get. Other then that it's my forehead and mouth/chin area.

But yeah my skin after I stopped the Duac Gel which contains benzoyl peroxide was more of an improvement then what I had previously. So untill around a week ago I was still getting some spots, my skin isn't perfect but I just broke out massively compared to normal. And it looks pretty disgusting, it's starting to clear up very very slowly I think/hope. I should include I am sick with a cold currently but probably not relevant. I also 2 weeks previously used a type of mask which is cooling and tingly to the skin, which I release I maybe shouldn't have. So maybe that has caused it, or greasy food since I had like 3 Burger Kings when I was out 2 weeks ago. Could be that, or it's just a random breakout and it's the last Ill ever get, not likely.. Either way just thought I would shed some light on whats been happening.

OH YEAH! Also I only used that tingly mask scrub because I ran out of this stuff called Liz Earle, Cleanse & Polish, hot cloth cleanser Roughly around that time that my skin went a little weird. Could be that, but for some reason I just don't think it is however yeah.. Any advice help or if this has happened to you I dunno. I just want some closure, it's horrible when you get spots and you want to gout but you gotta hide inside since you think it looks horrible. Anyway yeah, thanks in advance.

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