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spots on chin

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Hi guys,

I'm new and i just wanted some help for about 6 months now I've been getting breakouts on my chin and some little spots on the sides of my nose. i don't get what moisturizers and toners are...sorry, so if you could shed some light on it please and recommend some in UK.

If you could help because its really making me worried and upset. i also have scars from them so if you could recommend something as well thank you.


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Well hello, i am having basically the same problem as you are. i break out on my chin and mouth area only and as of recently they all scar. i went to the derm and she told me its because im a women and woman and start breaking out at any point in their lives. i dont know if your female or not but if you are that might shed some light on your situation. i am 20 and this is the first time in my life ive ever had acne. as for helping my acne now i am on minocycline 100 mg once a day i wash with baking soda + water and put olive oil on my new scars...everything seems to be helping.

i hope i helped you in the slightest.

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I read up a lot on baking soda, its good to gently exfoliate your skin, calm redness, dry out existing pimples and help with scars.

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