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Help needed! Breaking out every other day.

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Hey guys, so I have a few questions for you guys. Alright so about a little bit over 2 years ago, I had acne on my forehead. I used Differin Gel and about 7 months later, it was clear and I felt great. 2 weeks later, my cheeks were dry. So I put baby oil on my cheeks because my aunt told me to (I know, it was the dumbest thing you can do, but I didn't know then). After that day, I broke out A LOT. I used Differin .1 Gel along with Cetaphil cleanser everyday. It's been over a year since that, and I break out every other day STILL on my cheeks. My forehead is fine, but I have so much acne marks on my cheeks that I minimized going out =/. Do you guys know what the reason is? I didn't think the baby oil would make me break out this much. I know I'd break out, but I never broke out on my cheeks before this and I still am breaking out. Any reasons why this is happening? Or do you have any tips what to do?

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Mmm I don't know...baby oil could have broken you out if you already have oily skin since that would essentially be adding oil to more oil...but idk [since i thought baby oil is supposed to be gentle]. :/

The only thing I can think of is to recommend a new cleanser-Purpose Gentle Cleanser. I think it's one of the main reasons I've gotten and stayed clear for so long. :]

Oh and are you drinking enough water?

Water really helps to get rid of all the dirt and toxins in your skin that can cause people to break out.


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What is your morning and night regimen?

Cetaphil Cleansar in the morning, then Cetaphil protecting moisterizer

Cetaphil Cleansar at night, then differin .1 gel.

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I would start dan's regimen for sure. The problem with your regimen is that you don't have something on your face during the day that is helping to fight and prevent acne, only at night which isn't fully effective. Buying Benzoyl Peroxyide 2.5% with the perfect amount could essentially really help your problem. But the key is you have to have the right amount and you have to be very gentle because if your not gentle that irritates your skin which not only causes redness but can lead to MORE BREAKOUTS. If you absolutely won't do Dan's regimen then use differen during the day. But I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dan's Regimen. So go to the link on the home page of ACNE.ORG and push get clear and watch Dan's videos on how to precisely go about the regimen because it must be done a very certain way! Plus it is cheaper than differen and trips to the derm.

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