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Seborrheic Dermatitis and Acne

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this board, but I have skimmed through these topics and haven't found anything really related to my acne dilemma.

First a little bit about me. I am a 25 year old male. When I was a teenager, much like everyone else, I had acne. I wouldn't consider it it severe, but it wasn't a walk in the park either. Anyways, I have never REALLY been clear save a few lucky times since then. In the past, I saw one Dermatologist (a family friend, who deals with a lot of similar cases) and he prescribed me (I want to say Dioxycylin?. Anyways, whatever he prescribed I had to stop because it made my face extremely sensitive to the sun, and I worked as a camp counselor at the time. Other than that, I have avoided Dermatologists.

Fast forward to Fall of my Senior year of college. I developed a persistent rash behind me left ear, under my right ear, my scalp, and on my eye lids. The doctor tried telling me that it was Contact Dermatitis. Whatever, she prescribed didn't work. I researched what it was and found out it was Seborrheic Dermatitis. Needless to say, I was a little confused how I developed this - never having had it before. Anyways, my scalp has cleared up thanks to Head and Shoulders with Selenium Sulfide. I use a steroid cream on the outbreaks along my eyes, which have for the most part gone away, but they still occasionally flare up. Same with the ears.

So its my understanding that Sebhorric Dermatitis either 1. affects people with oily skin or 2. people with oily skin tend to develop Sebhorric Dermatitis? I have oily skin (I'm half-Scandinavian; half-middle eastern - what a mix, I know).

Recently in my 20s, my teenage acne has almost all but gone away. However, I have still been developing Cystic Acne. It's deep, it's painful, it takes forever to heal. If I try to pick or pop it, it won't. It's stubborn in a way that my teenage acne never was. I know I am not supposed to pick at it, but if I don't it stays red and painful for about two weeks. Additionally, I have noticed that I have developed a lot more bacne than I had in my teenage years, which from my understanding is another symptom of oily skin. Also, I notice that everytime I shave, I develop at least one or two cysts either away from the corner of the jaw or below that. I wet shave with gel and a Mach3 turbo. I have with the grain of the hair to not get as close, since I am not sure if this is Follicutus or Cystic Acne (help here also appreciated).

Everything I have read online about Cystic Acne says its not a cleansing issue since the acne develops so far below the skin. I know I have oily skin, so I try and cleanse it at least twice daily; however, it still doesn't seem to help.

Anyways, I was wondering if there is a connection between Oily Skin, Sebhorric Dermatitis, and Cystic Acne. If there is, what exactly can I do about it? What are my options here? I am moving into the professional world, and appearances and self-confidence are extremely important, and its hard to put my best foot forward with this problem.

I tried to include as much information as possible, but if anyone has any dietary, allergy, etc questions, I will try to answer them as promptly as possible. Thank you.

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Acne and seb derm both stem (at least partly) from have oily sking. You'd probably find a topical antifungal like Nizoral cream helpful. Possible a medicated shampoo left on your face for a few seconds each day would help too.

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i know this thread is a bit old but i have to say that yes i have noticed that i suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and acne, more the point cystic acne which comes through on the side of my nose up close to my eyes and takes ages to go away.

currently i brought this to the attention of my Doctor and he's got me on tetracycline one a day but says that i cannot stay on it for long. so it looks that i will have to deal with it again soon when i come off of it.

its really strange i have looked online but very few reports of acne cystic acne anyways and seborrheic Dermatitis are mentioned. im pretty such i'm not the only one out there to have this.

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Hi everyone, i can see that this post is real old but i got cystic acne, dermatitis and rosacea who can flare up sometimes. 
I've tried everything - from steroids creams- oral medecine- apple cider vinegar, metronidazole . I have been to several dermatologist in differents countries and all of them had very differents diagnostic which made me very insecure in what exatly i had and what treatment they wanted me to take.

i recently read a lot of post online and found that many people cured their skin without doing nothing on it.
i have been told that emollient are the best moisturizer for this condition.
but in an other hand i have read that it can worsen this condition?
iam recently only applying emollient E45 and i would like to know if anyone has been trough similar cream to moisturize their face ? 

Will be very helpfull to get any feedback .


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