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Ok Folks. I have had acne for 6-7 years (there was a 1 year period where my skin was clear and perfect, but then it started again).

It started again in Feb 2008. Until 3 months ago I didn't really treat it much as I thought it would go away. Past 3 months, I have been using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash in the morning and evening. Neutorgena On the spot BP at night.

Month 1 - Used a lot of BP - all breakouts GONE.

Month 2 - reduced BP, kept up with face wash and gentle ex-foliation(1-2 times a week). 1 breakout all month.

Month 3 (current) - stopped BP. Kept up with face wash and gentle ex-foliation. Broke out last week (3 pimples). Started BP again and they are almost gone. No other breakouts.

Started AHA 4 days ago.

Is it OK to use AHA at night and also BP? Would it be better to apply AHA in the morning - and then after night wash apply only BP?

My breakouts are almost over. The 3 that I have are going and I am confident I wont get a major breakout again. I want to continue BP for 2 months straight minimum. I also want to continue AHA as I read it helps hyper pigmentation. Anyone on here using both?


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yeah, use aha after bp. make sure bp drys completely then apply aha. i've used aha+ for nearly for 45+ days. i'd say it's fading marks.

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