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My log. Need opinions HELP, please.

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Currently this is what I am doing:


Hibiclens wash

just started lemon juice toner

Monistat Chafing Lotion as primer

BM makeup


Cetaphil for normal to oily to remove makeup


just started calamine lotion

There are a million things I want to try. I have jojoba oil and coconut oil but haven't made it past the initial purging time to know how it works. Would like to try neem oil, sunflower oil, head and shoulders for face wash, aloe vera with vitamin e for moisturizer.

I know I am missing the moisturizer in my routine, but am unable to find one that won't leave my already oily skin super shiny and slick.

How long should I give a product before switching to a new one? What am I missing? What should I take away?

As far as diet goes: I don't drink soda, I have water during the day but probably not enough, there is little to no dairy in my diet (sometimes I get a yogurt for breakfast), I eat fine: not bad, but not the best. I am sure there are diet changes I can make, but I don't think that is the huge factor in my face. I am lightly active, but am trying to work out more. I don't know if I am stressed because I never feel it (even if I am). Acne made a big push almost a year ago when I got off hormonal bc to copper bc.


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Since acne can take weeks, or even months, to form, you need to give any treatment at least a few months to see whether or not it works.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying a product of for a few weeks, or even as little as a few days, before deciding that it's not working for them because they're still breaking out. But the fact is, the breakouts we experience during the first few weeks or months of treatment may very well have already been forming before we started the treatment.

Also, people tend to change more than one factor in their treatment at or around the same time, which can make it difficult to tell what's helping and what's hurting. Stick with the regimen you're currently using for a few months, and then, if you want, change or add one factor, and then give your skin a while to see how that works out before deciding whether or not you want to change anything else.

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I also had a very difficult time finding a moisturizer. My skin is naturally kinda oily and i found that every moisturizer i used made me super shiny looking. In any case after reading all of the reviews on here I started using complex 15 moisturizer and love it. Does not make me shiny at all. Sometimes I have to apply a few times a day to control the flakiness of my skin from all the BP but other than that the stuff is great.

I was lucky and was able to find it at my local cvs but they were the only store that had it so you may need to get it online.

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