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Okay so after trying everything and still having acne i decided, since it's summer, to do nothing. Well nothing chemical. I wake up, pop a glass of green tea in the microwave (but don't drink it), steam my face with hot water and a towel for 40 seconds, jump into the shower and just rinse my face with warm water. every three days or so i'll exfoliate. Once i get out i'll wipe the tea bag (decaf) over my face then drink the cup. Next i have a mixture of 1/3 water 1/3 apple cider vinigear 1/3 green tea with a bit of honey (sometimes with a little cinnamon) and i dunk a face pad, the kind to takje makeup off, and rub it over my face. Think of everything from getting out of the shower to this point as the corus to my regeim. throughout the day i try to put on cinnamon honey green tea (the actual leaf) mask on for about an hour. I go swimming for half an hour everyday and hit the gym and sauna every other day. after i do something that effects my face, like exercise, swimming etc.. i play the chorus over again. I eat incredably healthy, i drink 4 bottles of water a day, nuff green tea, and an apple a day are my basics.

I've found that sexual activity and smoking the weed triggers my acne so i'm going abstinent for a week to see what's up. i think i'll just be left scars or red marks. i'll post back in hopes that this will help someone, maybe.

any tips or suggestions would be welcomed with arms wide open.

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