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So i know when i was taking mino, i was told to take it around the same time every day, like one at 9 in morning and other with dinner around 6-7. So that there would be a constant level in me.

Does this apply to accutane?

Lately I have been really screwed up sleeping and eating so everything seems off. I usually make sure I take one at 6-7 with dinner, but the other one is always at a different time. Sometimes I taek it when i wake u (if im feeling good.. stomach hasnt been to good in mornings lately, no not pregnant im a guy) or sometimes i take it at like 11 at night with some food

Does this matter at all?

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Hey! As long as you take Accutane with food, the time when you take it does not really matter. It is, however, important that you take the pill with a fatty meal, as Accutane is lipid soluble and is absorbed best when taken shortly after a meal. Studies show that taking Accutane with food rather than on an empty stomach, increases its absorbtion rate by 80%. And, the more of it is absorbed, the better the effectiveness. Plus, the half life (or half elimination time) of Accutane is 21 hours, which is quite long, meaning that it will take some time to completely remove the drug out of your body.

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