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My name is Jeroen, 21 yrs old, from the Netherlands, and been suffering from acne for 6 years now. During this time, I've tried many different products and read a lot of different research about acne, and recently I'm becoming more and more convinced that acne can have two different causes, one hormonal and one metabolistic.

The hormonal variety is the one a lot of kids and young adults, including myself, suffer from between ages 15-25. Hormone levels are out of control/unbalanced, with acne as a result. Diane might help restore/balance hormone levels for girls/women, where men can try Zinc. Once 'puberty' ends, hormone levels restore itself and acne disappears. How long this takes differs from person to person.

In my opinion, the metabolistic variety is the main cause of adult acne. The body has a problem processing the fats that enter it, which shows itself via a high sebum production with acne as a result. Vitamins like Niacin could help in such cases.

Mind you, this is only a theory, and I haven't any proof for it except for my own experiences. Of all the products that are regularly prescribed by dermatologists that I have tried, such as BP/antibiotics/Accutane, only BP actually worked for a while. None of them worked in the long run, because they do not tackle the cause! Niacin didn't work for me either because, if my theory is correct, I suffer from 'hormonal' acne and not from 'metabolistic' acne. I am still to try Zinc, which I'm gonna do a.s.a.p. If OptiZinc does what people say it does, then it should rid me of my acne (if my theory is correct).

I'm aware that this is only a very crude theory, but please comment!

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