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Anoying acne and redness

Hey there I am Dustin im 17 for now but i have been going through a fluctuating case of acne over about the last 4, 5 , maybe 6 years now. About 2 years ago I went to see a derm and the first thing he put me on was minocycline and after a month or so my face was clear but I ran out and by the time I got more I became immune to it, so he tryed to put me on other things that had no effect for about a year and a half. Anyway now I have found my own way by using Noxzema Deep Lathering Cleanser and it has helped a bit, but I cant get the acne to stop and the redness to go away.

Currently I have sunburn on my face but that is causing most of the redness, I have tried all kinds of things to get it to go away but it never fully goes away and comes back within an hour and recently I am having issues with flaky dry skin on my chin and around my mouth that does the same as the redness.

Well I attached a pic of me during the minocycline post-108236-1248080928_thumb.jpg

and here is one of a few months ago keep in mind I photoshoped most of the bumps out but the redness is right post-108236-1248080908_thumb.jpg

Even tho I am now using the Noxzema I most the time get tons of small pimples and the redness has not changed. Please if anyone can help I will be vary grateful cause this has been so bad it has caused multiple head-ache's major pain, discomfort, and scaring. Any and all help I thank you for ahead of time if I don't later, so Thank You



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What I do to make the redness go away is put an ice pack on the red areas, but make sure you put a towel around the ice pack or ice so its not so harsh. I have also heard eye drops will take away redness, not sure if this is true or not??? kind of scared to try.

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