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Hi all. I want to share very good news with everyone struggling with acne. I'm a 41 year old mom of two. I've had moderate acne since I was a teen, but since having my last child and going off the Pill, my skin started to get worse and worse. I've tried the the "myocins" and topicals but nothing worked. I felt they were treating the acne after it arrived rather than trying to prevent it from even happening. I was considering Accutane. I started doing research and the web and reading the blogs about it. Frankly I found it a little risky. Fortunately I found an Endocrinologist online who recommends Spironolactone. Spironolactone decreases your testosterone. Testosterone is what stimulates oil production. "Spiro" is also commonly used as an anti-high blood pressure medicine. I went to see this doctor and got put on 200mg per day. In two weeks my perpetually oily skin was gone. In about 6weeks my skin was completely clear and has been every since (it's been almost 4 months). My skin while not oily is also not overly dry either. I have had no side effect and my internist, who I see every year for a check up, says this drug is safe for me. Spironolactone can increase your potassium levels so your blood needs to get checked periodically. Also, it can give you irregular periods, so I was all put on the birth control pill Yaz. Please ask your doctor about Spironolactone before going on Accutane.

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I hope spiro continues to work for you. I've been taking it for nearly a year and I'm now moving to Accutane because the spiro stopped being effective.

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