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The same pimple for 18 months and counting...

I have had the same pimple for over a year and a half.

The pimple is on my nose (the worst place) and is one of those swollen, under-the-skin types that never, ever, seems to want to rise to the surface. It will lay dormant for a long periods, then swell up now and again, then sink down, etc. When it swells, it is hard to the touch, and painful. It continues to simply linger there and now has become a part of the general shape of my nose

I have tried periodically to pop it by attempting to puncture it with a needle (at this stage, I’d much rather dig this out and deal with a 3-day scab than to keep fighting it for god knows how long), but I can never get results. I always manage to squeeze some clear fluid, but never any white or puss, indicating that the core is way down in there. It will not come out. Ever.

Consequently, people routinely see me with a big pimple on my nose, not realizing it is the same one, all the time. I am fed up with this. Any similar cases? Any suggestions??

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It mght not be a pimple, it could be an inclusion cyst or what is more commonly known as a wen, which are relatively harmless but unsightly. At this point, you really should see a dermatologist for a diagnosis and also for treatment. I think given how long you have had it, that you are past the simple "pimple" stage.

This is going to require medical attention to achieve a solution, I really think.

Joe Zit

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