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Face Reality Log

So here I go doing my own personal acne regimen. I just recently had my first treatment with Face Reality and it went pretty good. I initially found out about FR here on acne.org and googled it myself to see what it was all about (I'm a huge fan of Google). Then I googled reviews about FR and lo and behold, there were a ton of GREAT reviews. I mean, it was review after review after review that raved about it. So, I thought, what the hell? I've tried everything underneath the sun and moon so it couldn't hurt to try FR, right? ;)

FR is an acne clinic located in the Bay area in California. They help get rid of acne (inflamed and non-inflamed) and this is what we're all looking for...well, in my case, I'm always looking! Anyhow, they do local clients and long distances clients. Patrick, one of the co-owners, called me the following day after I sent my email (fast response huh!) and thought I might benefit from coming into the office since I lived about 90 minutes away. Why not?

My first appointment was this past Saturday, July 11th. I brought my mom along for support as I was nervous and excited at the same time. I consulted with Shilpa who was great! She explained the process and the steps I would need to do for the first two weeks. Then she did the extractions and a facial peel. I have to say, the extractions hurt a bit but she extracted quite a bit! Gross, I know, but its quite a victory when you've had acne for as long as I have had it.

I bought some of their products that I would be using with my cleanser and makeup. For my initial appt (and for any of the local clients), I had to bring in ALL of my makeup and skincare products that I was currently using. My cleanser and BP and makeup all passed the test. I only had to buy toner, serum, and a stronger dosage of BP.

I will update every few days so I can note my own progress.

Observations so far : I'm on Day 2 of the treatment and haven't noticed anything major yet but I know it takes time so I will be patient! I've only noticed a cyst appear on my chin which hurts like hell. My face appears more oily than usual too. When I say oily, I mean the greasy, slick feeling. I'm super, super oily and today, I noticed my oilies getting out of control. There were some slight dryness around my nose area but I say slight because it wasn't a major problem for me.

Here is my current regimen for the next two weeks:


1. Acne wash (my Acne Free cleanser)

2. Ice face for two minutes on inflamed areas

3. Salicylic toner (FR)

4. Mandelic serum (FR; every other day)

5. Sunblock (Oil of Olay moisturizer)


1. Acne wash (my Acne Free cleanser)

2. Ice face for two minutes on inflamed areas

3. Acne Med (FR 5% BP; 15 min for first 3 days, 30 min for next 3 days...you get the idea)

4. Acne wash (my Acne Free cleanser)

5. Salicylic toner (FR)

6. Hydrating emulsion (FR)

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