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Very Oily Face

This topic is kind of only to other people who have very oily skin but anyone can help me :).

I need a moisturizer that will not leave my face so oily. I currently use this proactive moisturizer and it leaves my face very very oily instantly. I use Clean and Clear absorbing sheets throughout the day but not even an hour after i use the sheets the oil returns.

I need help :unsure:.

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I don't think it's your moisturizer, I think it's just your skin type and only medication could change that. However if you think your moisturizer could be contributing to the oiliness then you could cut down to using your moisturizer once a day.

Personally, even though my skin is neither oily or dry, I only moisturize in the morning, you may find it the opposite way round and need to moisturize your face at night because of being active all day your face may need some hydration.

Find a combination that suits you best, experiment. Also, you could use a toner made of 50% Apple Cider Vinegar and 50% water, this will dry your skin out not too much, but just enough. It also has antibacterial qualities that will reduce the inflamed spots you might have, and dry them up.

As for the proactiv stuff..... (It's really a load of crap). Sorry to say, but it's really overrated and a con.

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Proactiv didn't work for me either. But it's not crap. It did work a little then it came back. it only really helps people with mild acne and not oily skin.

They make some different oil mattifiers and things like that. Changing your diet (less sugar and greasy food) may help.

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I have very oily skin and proactive never helped me. I say, if you're willing to fork over all that $$$ for proactive, trash it and go to a department store and get a quality moisturizer which will probably set you back 40 + $ depending on what you get. I know guys who use quote female moisturizers and they work for them. Or, you could get something from your dermatologist. Glytone is great. It's not a moisturizer, however, but it is a mild glycolic acid face wash that works great for oily to regular skin. It clears out your pores and gets any excess oil off of your skin and it also makes your skin smoother and the overall texture better. You have to get it from a dermatologist though, It's maybe $25 and it lasts awhile. I use it about 2-3 times a week.

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