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Long Acne journy.. Finally gone!

I started getting acne about 4 years ago. It got really bad, so I went to the dermatologist finally during my senior year in HS. He put me on minocycline, and retin-a, as well as clindomycin. It was almost hopeless, 3 months later i went back for a follow up and there was no improvements. He upped the dosage on minocycline, as well as retin-a. About 3 weeks later, I started noticing less monster zits. Another 3 weeks, and i felt as though I was in the clear!

I began cycling off the minocycline, and eventually stopped taking it alltogether. Then about a couple weeks later, my face was broken out again... I went back, and got on minocycline again.

This process of on and off acne went on for about 2 years. My junior year in college, It was getting really bad again, and I went back to a different dermo.

I started eating better, and consumed less sugar. And sure enough, my face started to improve. this time, when I went off both medications, it did not come back right away. about 3 months later, i started to notice some zits, and immediately started putting benzoyl perozide on it. It went away. It seems as though it has toned down for about a year now, and I am entering my senior year in college. I continue to wash with salicylic acid, and have a stash of minocycline if it gets bad. I just wanted to tell everybody who has acne, that it will go away! Acne is not the end of the world, yes it does suck really bad, but it could be worse. I did not let it bother me, and affect relationships that I had. It was a long hard battle, but I felt that I have won! My eating habits have improved, and I continue to wash my face twice daily.

I began a website which you can also post your story regarding your acne. I really want to help out as many people as possible, not only with their acne, but also with their emotions. I remember when I had acne, I was really down on myself, and very depressed. I wanted to help others realize that just because you have acne, does not mean you cant have a perfectly normal life. :dance:


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