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Can I still use some Proactiv products?

I'm using the proactiv solution right now but I'm thinking about switching to the acne.org regimen. I find that few proactiv products I use every once in awhile help and I would like to use them when I'm off proactiv.

Refining Mask - I use on a few spots for 10 minutes or over night every other day or week.

Skin Lightening Lotion - I use this every day on the side of my face that doesn't get much acne but I broke out real bad before the summer. It left very bad marks on my skin that just won't go away.

Proactiv Moisturizer with SPF 15 - I use this twice daily, mainly because its my only moisturizer I know of that won't clog my pores. Is it safe to use with the regimen? Next year I will be in a class at school that requires some sun exposure I heard BP can make my skin very vulnerable of the sun. Will this help decrease redness?

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The Regimen is a three step process: cleanse with a gentle, non-medicated cleanser, treat with 2.5% BP, and moisturize.

That said, you might be able to continue using the ProActive moisturizer if it's not medicated (SPF is okay).

As for the rest, these are from the FAQs and the Biggest Mistakes page, respectively:

Q: Can I use the Regimen in conjunction with additional products or over-the-counter medications?

A: Do not do this until you are completely clear and have been that way for some time. Once you are completely clear, it is okay to add in one variable at a time. However, if you begin the Regimen and are adding in other variables from the get go, you will have no way of judging whether the Regimen works for you. See the biggest mistakes page for more.

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i use the proactiv moisturizer instead of dan's moisturizer in the summer sometimes coz it has spf. no ill effects!

sorry, i don't know about the other products!

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