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Pimple on my chest for 4 months

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I have had a pimple on my chest for the last 4 month. It wont go away. I have tried using clearsil cream 10% and benzol peroxide 5%. They just dry up the skin but never reduce the pimple. Its like a pimple that will never surface. I have tried popping it many times and it doesnt seem to work., Any suggestions?

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It kind of sounds like a keloid. My sister has a big keloid on her chest due to her body acne and it sounds like what you're describing. It's still there after her skin cleared up! Try not to touch it anymore or the irritation will make the keloid bigger and more irritated.

From what her dermatologist told her, keloids are tricky little skin growths caused by any type of injury (this can be from acne) and the uncontrolled cell growth of the healing skin. This causes the skin to grow inward at an unpredictable level. Also, people usually use topical creams and shots to try to get rid of them, but they're really tricky buggers to get rid of. They can last for years and heal up by itself without the help of a doctor (this happened to my mom)!

Body acne and genetics (I think Asians and African-Americans are pre-disposed to getting them) are the main factors in developing keloids. Ask other family members if they have something like this and go see a doctor whenever possible. Good luck!

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