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i have very dry skin, especially when i get out of the shower, it feels really tight. i wash, tone and moisturize twice a day and moisturizing helps a bit but its still dry. should i change to just washing and moisturizing once a day..i think maybe washing twice is drying my skin out even more. any suggestions

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You might need a different cleanser & moisturizer.

I have oily skin, so I don't have the same issue, though.

My thought is that you need to clean off the bacteria if you have breakout.

I think you need a less drying cleanser so you can wash 2x day. You also need a really good serum and moisturizer that address your skin's needs.

I LOVE the face shop masks as a supplement (Walgreens), they have some for hydration. you could try those too. They are a few dollars for a cloth mask that you use once. They also sell them online (the company has more variety than sold at most Walgreens).

Have you tried oil cleansing? there are lots of threads on that.

You can combine castor oil, jojoba and a dash of tea tree oil; massage that into your face and clean it off with warm water. If you are dry, you would want more jojoba.

Sometimes the oil cleansing method (OCM) sucks oil out of your skin though, so be careful with overdoing it. It can nicely balance the oils/moisture of the skin too, it depends how your skin responds. Make sure to use organic, if you try this. Dan sells a really nice jojoba (good deal too) that you can use directly on the skin as moisturizer or whatever you want. It is great!

I use PCA oily/acne wash (not sold in regular stores) now.

They have really nice products and the cleansers are moisturizing as well as cleansing and CALMING which is so great for acne and inflammation. They have other cleansers too, for normal & dry skin. Their Apres peel is the most awesome moisturizing soothing healing "balm" moisturizer too, I LOVE that stuff!

You should look up their website, PCAskin.com I think.

You can buy their stuff online or at Dr's offices or estheticians that use/sell their products.

I had a really tough time finding products that worked for me, this is it for my skin!

The cleanser isn't crazy expensive, $28 I think for a tall bottle that lasts a few months.

I wash AM & PM.

I know that I added a lot of suggestions. Remember not to overload your skin with a lot of new things at once. Go slow to see what works and what doesn't and just try what you can.

Good luck!

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