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time for the tane

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Hi all, I'm a 21yr old male whose been constantly fighting acne since the age of 13. I did a round of Amnesteem when I was 16 and the results were amazing, but only lasted a couple years. The oil returned and soon after followed the acne, which I tried to fight once again with various topicals that only turned my face into a big greasy tomato. I've tried other things like strict dieting for a few months and even no treatment at all but nothing has worked.

My skin is oily and I have a shiny face. I have comedonal acne all over my forehead and temples, flesh colored bumps that feel like sandpaper if you rub your finger across them. They are also on my chest. Blackheads on my nose. I get bigger, more painful zits on my chin, shoulders and back. I pretty much have some kind of acne wherever sebaceous glands are most active, yes even there. But the good news is that my first course of accutane made all of this go away for awhile, and I'm hoping a 2nd course will give me the same results, hopefully more permanent.

I'm 5'9", 155lbs and will start out the first month by taking 20mg one day, and 40mg the next. Then for the next 2 months I will take 40mg. Then I will finish the next 2 months at 60mg. I'll use this log to keep track of where I'm at and update with pictures once a month.





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