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Caloric Restriction

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Yea, all the time. I am underweight though so it is extremely dangerous. But today there was no food in the house (cleaned out during my graduation party, grocery shopping doesn't happen on weekends at my house) so I had some fruit, half a bag of doritos, and ice cream. I doubt it will break me out because it is so little calories.

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Less calories I eat, Less pimples I get.



Finally I found some organic pasta, tortillas, and bread that do not make me break out. HOORAY FOR ME. I'm clearing up so fast it's crazy. Gluten free, wheat free, diary free, sugar free= ACNE FREE


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I've been down the road of restrictive eating and I can't say it's something I want to return to. Indeed restricting calorie intake when your eating what ever will eventually clear you up, as your body has effectively less need to focus on digestion and can do some more house cleaning. ;) However with me at least the results skin wise weren't long term, and other more serious problems were starting to surface. Eating prodominantly good stuff is the way to go, clears you up and your hunger is satisfied to boot. :dance:

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Caloric restiction coupled with the right foods would definately be a godsend. Requiring 3000+ calories though is a differant story so one has to make do the best they can.

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